Thursday, 2 June 2011

Conductive World Jobs

A bit of a misundertanding?

CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION JOBS is for the employment of everyone connected with Conductive Education, in any role paid or unpaid.

Providing all employers and employees in Conductive Education simple and immediate notice, advertisement or announcement of their employment needs.
Jobs wanted and positions available:
  • families, centres, schools, other institutions
  • conductors
  • assistants, admin. and management
  • fundraising staff
  • researchers
  • student placements
  • and others
Advertising on CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS is free. Advertisements to be written in the language that seems most likely to attract a response.

Advertisements are posted by advertisers themselves, in the now familiar Facebook format, in the box marked: 'What's on your mind?'. Your advert will appear on line the moment that you post it.

You may use the same box to comment on what you read there and you are positively encouraged to use lt to let the world know when your reuirements have been fullfilled.

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