Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Chewing the same old cud – another self-styled 'conference'

More global-warming gases but what other output?

Spotted on the Internet:
Special Educational Needs (SEN) Conference
Monday, 11 July 2011

Benefits of Attending
  • Hear the latest information from the Government on the strategic context of the SEN Green Paper
  • Overcome funding challenges for children with SEN and their families
  • Examine the recent updates of Ofsted's review on SEN provision
  • Benefit from case study examples of effective collaboration with health and social care services
  • Learn how you can enhance relationships with parents to improve the learning outcomes for children
  • Understand how to support the transition for students with SEN as they move beyond school
  • Consider how you can improve teacher training and develop the skills and confidence of all SEN staff
  • Discover how SEN provision will work in academies and free schools.

The very webpage screams out 'soulless', 'uninsprired', 'deadening'.

Another unnecessary, pricey conference at a needlessly flash London West End venue. All to what end? Who will 'confer'. What will progress? How will children, parents, schools, actually benefit? Who might gain then? Such naïve, daft questions!

The conference is organised by Capita Conferences ('Leading the way in public sector conferences'). Its media partner [sic] in this venture is SEN ('the UK's leading magazine for special educational needs'). The latter of these two claims to leadership I shall check with little trouble, as there is a form for ordering a free sample copy.

The British state continues its centralist, dirigiste fantasy that it knows how to run special-eduction and rehabilitation, and that private companies have relevant skills to bring to this task.

Trebles all round.

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