Thursday, 2 June 2011


Of what?

Just spotted –

The peto institute was set up in the 1940 by Hungarian Physiotherapist and Neurologist. They knew that muscles have their own memory and if you remind your muscles how they should move by the use of showing them by over exaggerating how they should move, they start to react instinctively instead of waiting for a reaction.

The writer, a correspondent on the on-line Parkinson's Forum ('where people with Parkinson's and caretakers get help, advice, friendship and support') reports good personal, practical experience of Conductive Education:

I am having an amazing time walking... I can get up out of bed now without the excruciating pain I was in before. Conductive education is a way of life, if you use your right hand don't forget to use your left hand. Remember to use it or lose it!

But however good its practice and however beneficial its outcome, CE for PD, as for any other relevant condition, will only get so far in the eyes of the world if it does not get its story right. People with motor disorders may take considerable care in examining the basis of pharmaceutical treatments offered them (see especially perhaps the detailed attention paid to Parkinson's medication).

Those who provide conductive interventions should be ensuring that satisfied users – potentially the system's most powerful ambassadors – are properly equipped with reasonable, reliable information.


PS During the few minutes between my drafting and posting this item Google Alet has sent out a similar combination of user-satisfaction and conceptual confusion, this one from the mother of the child with cerebral palsy –

He is improving a lot thanks to conductive education therapy at the Peto institute in Budapest. This Hungarian holistic therapy uses repeated movements of seating, rolling, and crawlling, crouching and walking. It is a routine where a child learns skills for independent living.
We started this Conductive Education when Samy was two. He is now able to sit independently for more than 20 minutes without a back support and he is able to make some steps with someone helping him under his shoulders.
We try to utilise the conductive education at least once a year for a month of therapy.

Don't providing institutions realise the harm that this sort of stuff does to the development of Conductive Educations public and professional credibility? Have they no time or capacity to do anyting about this?

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