Thursday, 19 May 2011

A jot more on SEN

It is getting too dull to watch

Tuesday's meeting of the House of Commons Education Committee meeting seems to have underwhelmed the media.

'Special educational needs' are hardly a sexy topic, and yesterday's meeting attracted virtually no press coverage. The experts' contibution evoked no comment at all (just as well, one might think). Ms Teather's chirpy Ministrial performance performance occasioned little grounds for optimism for those who place faith in 'joint working'.optimism.

The review of the rotten state of 'special educational needs'seemed briefly to hold out such promise because of David Cameron's personal understanding and involvement. He has had other, more pressing matters on his hands and the same old self-perpetuating machine has taken over. The ball has been dropped, or rather kicked right out of the First Division, straight down into the Third, with the Minister seemingly content to let it then fall still further, into the non-league of the local authorities. There won't be many hanging around to watch the rest of the game.

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