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Is this as bad as it gets?

CE as Gobbledegook

What is Conductive Education?

In 1945 Hungarian healthcare doctor Furthermore educator Andras Peto Make certain a fresh education Entire body With method Also planned To him. This solution broke emerging Haven To make the rehab of babies And yet older people in whose motor impairments begin Right from problems on the Single scared system. The problem Is really A large number of made to All of us While Shakespeare’s III. Richard: “I That experts claim I’m curtailed Period Nice proportion/Cheated Associated with supply Electronic mailbox dissembling nature, Deformed, unfinished, posted Preceding Do not time/Into It O2 we get world, rare 50 percent of offered for sale up/And Your so lamely And as a consequence unfashionable/That dogs bark at Honest bloggers Due to I complete By way of them.”

I do hope you got that. You can read the whole glorious fiasco at:

(Incidentally, for those of you who recognise in the above the familiar lines by Shakespeare, King Richard III did not have cerebral palsy, or any deformity physical or mental. But the Tudors did have a remarkably good writer contributing to their dynastic public relations campaign.)

Where did this article come from?

This is what the above posting was adapted:

(includes video)

It was written by Tibor Rozsahegyi is a veterinary surgeon who has settled in Cnanada. Inter alia, he now writes freelance articles for distribution on the Internet, as a 'Platinum Level Expert Author'. One of these articles concerns Conductive Education:

This article was remarked upon briefly as part of a longish item on Conductive World a year ago:

See how they run

Since then Google has notified me about this article's re-publication in a variety of ezines. A more methodical search shows the following results:

I leave it to you to count.

Moi, jealous? You bet!

I suppose that at one level one should be glad that awareness Conductive Education has so penetrated Cyberspace and is so available to anyone who wants to know about it at the click of a button. Never mind the quality, feel the width. Any publicity is good publicity.

This is not the only duff stuff on Conductive Education to have gone viral. Bad coin drives out good. The ' noise' on the Internet is beginning to mount and drown out better messages.

How did this recent gobbledegook arise?

And now Mr Rozsahegyi's article has risen to a higher plane. How did it emerge in this new form? Who knows? My guess is through a three-fold process:

  • plagiarise Mr Rozsahegyi's article, all of it
  • machine-translate it into another language (possibly Chinese?)
  • machine translate this translation back into English.
Your guess is as good as mine.

Why do it? Again, you guess. Here's my scenario. Uncritical, unthinking plagiarism is now a common enough feature of CE on the Internet. Translate into another language – fair enough, perhaps a public service. Retranslate back into English? Perhaps to hide plagarism. Who knows? Who cares? It has been done and there is no undoing it.

It just goes to show

There are no depths to which public writing on Conductive Education can sink! And yes, the situation can get worse. See this one,for example, a blog posting notified two days ago:

At least it displays he virtue of brevity.

The only answer to being drowned out by this annoying noise is for the real messages of Conductive Education to be broadcast loudly and clearly, rationally and consistently, and not just on the ever more problematic Internet but through other media too.

What odds...?

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