Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A big step for Australia

And for everyone else too

From Carson Street School in Perth, Western Australia, conductors Shona Ballantyne and Natalie Fitzpatrick, write –

Federal Government in Australia has recognized conductors as 'early intervention specialists' in a new initiative which provides families with children with CP with extra funding to access early intervention. 'Better start for children with disabilities (Better Start) inivitative is rolling out from July this year. For further information go to:
Follow links to Better Start. Operational guidelines on pp.8-9 mention conductors specifically.
What does this mean for recognition of conductors as a profession? Also will it help us get conductors into the country?

A major step forward in Australia's long and checkered story of establishong conductive services in Australia – and a major precedent to quote for CE's advocates arguing the case in other countries .

So, congratulations involved to all those who conributed to this breakthrough – and thank you, Austrlia, on behalf of us all.

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