Monday, 18 April 2011

Who is helping Shalom, aged five, from Kenya?

The Niederpöcking Fortschritt

Shalom is five and comes from Kenya. She has suffered severe epilepsy since malaria as a baby. The German humanitarian charity Parea – Dein Projekt in Berlin and Munich, and friends and neighbours of the family in Kenya, raised the money to send her with her mother to Germany, for treatment.

She also has cerebral palsy. Conductor Anita Jager  at the Niederpöcking  Fortschritt who has been working with her says –

When they came to us she could neither walk nor stand still. In addition, the mother gave her to eat only pureed food. Shalom can now walk up, and eat while sitting. Sometimes we even give her solid food –  it's madness, the progress Shalom has made in just two weeks. 

The drugs help her epilepsy, but her mother asks the inevitavbkle question –

How can we go home without the support of the conductors?

Peter von Quadt has a dream, a microproject Konduktive Förderung in Kenia – Conductive Educatio in Kenya. Where others merely follow, and talk, Peter is something else. He'll do it.

Notes and references

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Blogger Susie Mallett said...

As you so rightly say Andrew: "Peter is something else. He'll do it".

Peter van Quadt has been "doing it" with many other projects since 1995 when he began helping families get started on the conductive upbringing path that he has followed with his own family since 1990.

Thank you for giving him, and his wonderful Niederpöcking team, a well deserved mention here.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011 at 17:34:00 BST  

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