Friday, 29 April 2011

A day out of time

But life goes on

What an odd day. Nothing to listen to on the radio, even the mahem in Syria and Morocco hardly gets a look in. No doubt the televison is even more so. To turn the radio on for a news or weather bulletin is to be immediately assailed by hushed tones reporting how well behaved the pageboys are being, how patient the horses. Being British, I have rather heard all this before. Now I gather that being foreign is no guaruntee of escaping it.

Surprise, surprise, not a soul anywhere in the world clicked into Conductive World between the hours of eleven and one. Was everyone else in the world really glued to the tele?

Oh well, in a few days all this will have been brushed aside in the public consciousness, by inflation, bloodshed and natural disasters, and people can get back to their everyday concerns of life and work – even Conductive Education.

Odd that, Syria and Morocco. What places to be beginning CE projects. Wherever next?

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