Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Conductive Pedagogy is a Loch Ness Monster

Parents demand change

In Begium, a day conference:

Journée Plateforme: le 2 avril 2011 à Inkendaal Ziekenhuis - 1602 Vlezenbeek
"Regards croisés sur l'Education Conductive"
Témoignage de parents, bénéficiaires, professionnels. Débat.
Ouvert à toute personne appartenant aux réseaux belge et français d'Education Conductive

In short, there was a one-day meeting in Belgium last weekend, open to anyone in the Belgian and French CE networks, for the testimony of relatives, beneficiaries, professionals – a debate.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but this sounds like something that has not been heard in the English-speaking world since the 'early days'.  n the name of the Association for Parents of La Famille, Fabian Gillard writes –

In the current socio-medical context, conductive pedagogy is a particular form of Loch Ness monster... comething that people speak of but nobody really knows what it looks like, nobody really knows where it comes from and where it goes, some are wary of it others deny its existence and ignore what is essentiaaly a marvel.
And if the Loch Ness story may be an amusing tale under certain circumstances, this is absolutely not the case here... I would even go further and say that it is unbearable for us to see that a method whose impact is so important for the lives of children and parents dealing with neurological disorders remains so widely misunderstood...
We therefore want to call with all our strength for a radical improvement in communication and information about the existence of conductive pedagogy and places where it is applied. We will fight with every means at our disposal so that conductive prdagogy should be known in medical circles, in nurseries, schools, centers for social assistance in the political sphere, in the media. It is essential to ensure that it is known for what it is, going beyond the image of an almost barbaric method from deepest Hungary. We fight this battle with conviction. But we know that we are small. That is why we call for implementation of a structure for communication about conductive pedagogy.

A Facebook page has just been opened. You might like show a little solidarity there by completing a short questionnaire.

What role for parents in conductive pedagogy?
  • A critical role to assure conductive pedagogy's continuity at home
  • A passive role, leave it to the professionals
  • A secondary role, parent being the primary function
It is in French but have no fear: this is all that it asks. Just tick a box:

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