Monday, 28 March 2011

CE: wherever next?

New horizons await

Time Magazine this week reports –

7.5% Brazil's GDP growth in 2010
$11 TRILLION GDP of China, Brazil, Russia and India
With all the focus on Japan and the Middle East in recent weeks, an important economic milestone has gone relatively unnoticed: Brazil has surpassed France and the United Kingdom to become the world's fifth largest economy, worth about $2.2 trillion in 2010. Brazil is the second emerging-market nation to join the top five; last year China surpassed Japan to take the No. 2 slot, right behind the U.S. The result of this hypergrowth is that Goldman Sachs is now predicting that the largest developing economies--Brazil, Russia, India and China (a.k.a the BRICs) – will overtake the G7 in size by 2018. That's much faster than Goldman's original prediction of 2040, made just ten years ago...

Of course, as these countries' GDPs rise, so will their wages – and their growth rates will slow. But already there begin to emerge other 'new frontiers', the next horizons...

In the meantime, one could think of many less attractive places to start than Brazil. When I retired some six years ago, Brazil was one of the projects that I was working on. CE bridgeheads have opened up in that vast country, there are families there who have experienced CE and would like more, there are conductors who have worked there, and there seems an informed and friendly welcome from those already working with disabled children,. Climate, life-style, a whole new world to conquer... as the already 'traditional' host countries tighten the screw then this, of all the BRICs, must beckon.

Like everywhere, nothing will come from waiting for institutions to do something: it will take personal catalysts to get things going.

It could be you?


Foroohar, R. Rise of the rest: developing economies see rising wealth, Time Magazine, 4 April, p.12

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