Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Of Sorts

Gill Maguire's CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION INFORMATION has just published its monthly digest of news stories mentioning Conductive Education in public media around the world. Over January 2011 these all happened to be from English-language papers.

Granting the unseen and inevitable forces of selection, the ten stories that Gill links to make interesting reading.

Money, money, money
  • A centre in the UK, Rainbow, is applying for planning permission to build an extension to expand its activities. That is a good news story. More money will be needed, however, even for the next step, detailed design.
  • And a little boy receiving Conductive Education at the the Buddy Bear Centre is making progress, not perhaps news in itself but at least CE is in the public eye. The story pegs on the centre's need for money.
  • There are three local fundraising events/campaigns for centers in Canada and the United States Alberta, Manitoba and Illinois), and March of Dimes (Canada) has a big appeal going of which CE is a part.
  • University students are volunteering to help out in Florida.
  • And government funding is being chopped back in New Zealand.
And now for something completely different
  • Two families who have attended established CE centres in the UK are off to the United States for selective dorsal rhysotomy surgery.
  • And another is having stem cell therapy.
Such experiences also of course need money. Lots of it. And presumably this is easier to raise than money for Conductive Education.

What does all this it say about CE?

'All publicity is good publicity'. Look at the stories for yourselves and make up your own minds on this?

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