Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I never cease to be amazed

A day is a long time in Cyberspace

Two threads

Six days ago Conductive World referred to a new blog by a conductor, Izabella Vajda's Playing with Angels:

And only this morning I mentioned an apparently sophisticated medical search engine, PeRSSonalized Medicine, and its vulnerability to the quality of the information that it hoovers up:

It is not just research that it picks up, it picks up all sorts. Take a look for yourself:

Two threads come together

Online today:

Well done, Izabella.

But oh dear...

Doctors and all those others around the world can now read those immortal words –

There are five important elements to facilitate the process of Conductive Education:
  1. The conductor
  2. The programme
  3. The task series
  4. Intention / Rhythmical Intention
  5. The group

And now they come from out of the Pető Institute itself.

Ex Hungaria semper aliquod novum... I knew that 2011 would be an interesting year. But this interesting, this early...!

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Blogger Berci Meskó said...

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for writing about the Webicina section dedicated to Conductive Education! The resources included in that application were selected manually based on the available author information, blog description, quality of posts, references inside the entries, etc.

We are absolutely open to suggestions and please feel free to tell me your opinion about it so we can improve the service (which is free for everyone).

Best regards,

Dr. Bertalan Mesko
Managing Director of Webicina.com

Friday, 25 February 2011 at 10:45:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bessemer steel; the art of the Victorian sampler; phenomenology: just three searches I have done in the past few days for which webicina.com's remarkable PeRSSonalized search tool would have been no use at all. Why? Because it is an avowedly MEDICAL tool.

Should I wished to learn about Acne, Aids & HIV or Allergy no doubt it might be most useful.

PeRSSonalized, to this non-specialist eye, is an impressive-looking resource.

What I do not understand is what Conductive Education (or upbringing or pedagogy) is doing there as a searchable Category, sitting between Cardiology and Dentistry as a "Medical Specialty". Can we look forward to searchable categories on Montessori, Steiner and other philosophies and systems of education, Swedish Free Schools or American Charter Schools?

I note, by-the-by, that whilst "Autism" is listed as a "Medical Condition" coming after "Asthma", cerebral palsy is not listed.

When will the education and upbringing of children with cerebral palsy escape the clutches of the medical profession?

Friday, 25 February 2011 at 19:15:00 GMT  
Blogger Susie Mallett said...


I have recently been re-reading postings. For the life of me I cannot unterstand why on this one you say "Well done" for spreading such "immortal words" to gullable doctors and other across the world via the Internet.

Please can you explain what you are handing out praise for.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011 at 23:54:00 BST  
Anonymous Andrew said...


It is good to hand out praise where praise is due.

Brickbats too, though that is less pleasant and only slowly am I overcoming my reluctance to do this, still too often trying to soften the critical message with gentle irony.

I wish that more people in CE would hand out both praise and brickbats. Feedback of both kinds is essential to developing a healthy, critical communication culture. We all need it, me too – so thank you for your critical comment. On reflection, I was certainly at fault and I learn from your pointing this out.

My short answer to your question is that I wrote 'Well done' to praise the blogger's getting her writing so widely disseminated across the Internet, attracting such an aura of authority to her blog in such a short time. Very well done indeed. It is a shame that more of those who blog on Conductive Education do not have access to such web-savvy.

My error was to continue my posting with no more than the sub-heading 'But oh dear...' to signify that what followed was brickbat not praise for the content of what was being spread around the Internet by these means.

Gentle irony is not enough, especially at a time that so few people coming into CE may have little awareness of its complicated history., The blog posting in question here asserts 'five important elements to facilitate the process of Conductive Education' . This and statements very like it are published so very often on line – how can modern readers know that these derive ultimately from an inadequate understanding of Conductive Education? (No fault of their originator in her circumstances in the early nineteen-sixties but wholly misleading nonetheless). 

That they are wrong has not prevented their continued uncritical transmission to muddy CE's waters in 2011 – coming in this instance from within the wall of the Pető Institute itself, perhps borrowing thereby a new, apparent authority, and disseminated in a way and to an extent altogether unimaginable fifty years ago. Immortal words indeed.

Very well done.

NB Heavy sarcasm, not gentle irony. Thank you, Susie, for your critical comment. The points that this raise merit more thorough attention than can be satisfactorily given here in this format. I shall extend my reply with a posting in its own right.


Thursday, 28 July 2011 at 10:11:00 BST  
Blogger Susie Mallett said...

Thank you Andrew for your prompt reply.

I look forward to reading more.


Thursday, 28 July 2011 at 12:30:00 BST  

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