Thursday, 3 February 2011

Good news

From WA

Susie Mallett's latest posting reminds me of a very nice experience at the World Congress in Hong Kong, meeting the lovely ladies there from Western Australia:

Parents and conductors. Together.

It has also reminded me of the most recent issue of the on-line Newsletter of the Conductive Education Centre of Western Australia.

Go take a look. While the people from WA will be the first to agree that nothing is perfect, this is pretty good reporting, reporting pretty good stuff by the standards of CE in 2011:

Down there at the very end of the world it really does look like there is a 'conductive community' (not uniquely, of course, but a fairly rara avis nevertheless).

The Newsletter has been running since early 2009. All previous issues are open to view on line and readers' comments are invited: 'Speak your mind'.

The Newsletter is collecting good-news stories for its new, revamped website. It already has quite a bag:

It wants more:

And, if you can bear any more good news, it has a nice video of family stories too:

Time... and vision

In WA it has taken since the 1990s, including some false starts, to get where CECWA is today. It does not come easy and it does not come cheap and involves investing in the future in a way that is very rare in the world of CE  

Supporting WA's teacher-conductors to attend these international meetings of minds is an important part of CECWA's role to ensure that those planning, developing and leading the CE services here in WA for our children have access to high quality professional learning specific to their unique training and qualifications. Furthermore, it ensures our CE leaders are able to build collaborative support networks within the global CE community, crucial to their ongoing professional development and the development of the services available here in WA.

Eye-teeth and right arms, anyone?  Or sackcloth and ashes?

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