Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Conductive Post

A blog of blogs

The Conductive Post, a centralised resource for accessing the CE blogosphere, has gone on line today:

The Post is a real-time, open-access update of what is published on CE blogs around the world – and more.

How does it work?

Completely automatically, just like the blog links that many sites already display. As new blog postings appear on The Post, the latest one will move up to take the lead position, and everyone else will shuffle back a place. You will see that each blog has its two most recent postings featured, one below the other.

There is an exception to this. For the moment at least, ‘guest postings’ will stand continuously at the lead position.

The Post reflects what comes on line. Already this is a pretty diverse range of positions and opinions. There is no party line, on any matter. If divergent opinions emerge, so well and good. Conductive Education is short of many things, and an important one of these is DEBATE. What will happen as further posts emerge? We shall see.

Is anyone missed out? Almost certainly. Please let us know.

There is a place for less frequent bloggers, and for newbies to get established.

Instructions for readers? There are none. The Post is as self-explanatory as it can be…


Many of those who try to find out about Conductive Education on the Internet may not find the CE blogs, for all their value and collective impact, Bringing CE blogs together in this way (cyber-conduction!) should make them more visible and increase their visitor-traffic, offering bewildered wanderers in the CE cyber-jungle the best presently available guide to current hot spots for public concern and discussion.

The Post is not republishing blogs. It is simply a search engine. The actual blogs are to be found on their own sites. Click across from The Post to read the complete blogs. If you have comments to make on what you find there, make these on the original blog postings.

And here is a bonus: use the Search box at the top of the page and it will look back into all the blogs listed here, for nearly a year.

Guest postings

From time to time The Post will publish guest postings from people who have something to say but no blogs of their own – yet – or who are perhaps not directly involved in the CE sector.

These guest posts will be archived on site and like the rest of The Post, open to the attention of search engines.

You may comment upon these guest postings if you wish, at the foot of the relevant page.

What do you think of The Conductive Post?

Any comments and suggestions about The Conductive Post:


The Conductive Post is published by Conduction:

Watch our for further initiatives.

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