Monday, 28 February 2011

After a week of awareness

There remains a mountain to climb

In the United States, the Child Injury Law Blog writes –

Medical Facilities Concentrating On Assisting Children With Cerebral Palsy
Years ago, the treatment options for children with cerebral palsy were incredibly limited. Today, there is an increased understanding of the condition and the specific treatment needed to provide the most significant impact for children with CP.
... a new generation of treatment facilities specifically [is] geared towards helping children with cerebral palsy.
Utilizing conductive education, a program developed by Hungarian researchers in the 1940's, the program focuses on using techniques to re-train the brains of children. The Center utilizes the expertise of: physical therapists, occupational therapists in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities.
Not surprisingly, the costs for these treatments can be significant...
Cerebral Palsy In Children
Unlike many medical conditions afflicting children that may be due to genetic defects, cerebral palsy is a condition that may be traced to an injury to the brain. Many scientists now believe the brain injury is due to a lack of oxygen immediately prior to and during the birthing process...
Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers represents families in cerebral palsy due to trauma at birth. If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, call us today and talk candidly about your concerns. All legal consultations are free and completely confidential. Why not begin the process today and secure your child's future? 888-424-5757

This about says it all.

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