Thursday, 20 January 2011

Trivial pursuit

What else is in the name?

I used to collect 'Petos'. Once I even wrote an article about them (it appeared in The Conductor magazine). Most of the names that I trawled were of course the English 'Peto', not the Hungarian 'Pető'. This was before the Internet age, so it was slow work and I did not come up with all that many (just the famous ones, and of course the world-famous le Petomane and the town in Mexico).

Now through the Internet I can see just how many people there are who bear this name. Many of these are Americans of Hungarian descent, who spell their name in the English way.

By chance yesterday I came across an unusual one, a quite well-known wartime submarine, the USS Peto, named after the peto, a sharp-nosed fish of the mackerel family, and very well documented for posterity.

Here's a lot about the sub:

And here are lots of pictures of it:

I leave it to others to follow up the fish for themselves, if interested, though I could not help but notice the following description of in one source:

...the cosmopolitan and more solitary wahoo, or peto.

You never know, such information might be useful to people giving talks, or writing dissertations.

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