Sunday, 16 January 2011

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Former daily readers especially, please note
There may be things happening!
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Andrew Sutton is on Facebook.

Postings there are not regular and daily (though there have at times been two or more a day, today for example). You just have to look out.

Much of what is posted there is the sort of thing that might at one time have been developed into full blog postings here on Conductive World. I have no time for that now, but you might still like to consider the possible relevance of some of the matters referred to there for yourselves.

And there is also chance for brief comment or discussion, should you wish.

Earlier today on Facebook, for example, I shared with a wider audience a most interesting article on research, from the New Yorker magazine, sent to me by Rony Schencker. Mind-tickling.

You may find the world of scientific debate rather too gentle for your taste, preferring something more practical, more 'real'.If so, then see what you can make of the harsh politics now breaking around certain 'foundations' in Hungary.

What is happening to the Pető Institute?

Find out what prompts this question at:

Even better, if you know anything about what is happening to foundations over there, especially the one that runs the Pető Institute, do please share a little knowledge about what is now going on over there, in a a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom most people in Conductive Education around the world know nothing.

This could all amount to nothing. If so, then everything will just continue as it has since the International Pető Foundation was brought into being not long before the fall of the Iron Curtain, ended one era and established a new one. Or just maybe, another new era is about to begin.
If the latter, the few who read these words, wherever they might be, will all be affected, possibly for the worse. In some instances drastically so. Most people involved with Conductive Education around the world, users and providers, do not follow what is happening in this sector through reading the social-networking sites. They will be affected too! Think of the proverbial ostriches.

If you wish to comment upon any matter raised here, then you may do so in the Comments below, or on Facebook – or you may write, in confidence, to:

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