Tuesday, 28 December 2010

World Congress take-away 3

A vital message

Especially Hong Kong

The Carnival is over (sorry, the Congress, 'East meets West'). There could now be a danger now that China and the like can now be considered 'done'?  After all, there was no apparent momentum established by the Congress to advance this theme, and no apparent mechanisms to maintain one if there were.

This is a (deliberately) very ethnocentric question. of approaching this matter! Contrariwise, c Turn the question round and ask it from the Eastern point of view. Can the West be nowconsidered as 'done'? Perhaps so.


'The joys of love are fleeting'. Everything passes. Is the game up?

One that got away

I have just remembered that I have not yet published the full text of my Plenary at the Congress,

Patience. I will get here... There will be quite a few left-overs to be served up cold, sometime in the New Year.

Hanukkah and halva

One of the first people I met on my arrival in Hong Kong was Rony Schenker. Most welcome. She gave me a gift-wrapped parcel, pointing out to me that it was 4 December and just into Hannukah.

The parcel contained a box of Israeli halwa, totally different from what goes under the same name on the Subcontinent, and therefore in the English Midlands (a traditional Punjabi dish made with carrots and milk – nice, but nothing like!).

Very welcome indeed. Thank you, Rony. They have all gone now. I had forgotten how much I like them. Now I must find a local source of supply...

You do learn some useful things at international gatherings.

Books? Schmooks

It is not a 'proper conference' with no publishers' books displays.

Probably not the fault of the organiseers. Publishers' first question when approached with a book proposal is 'What is the market?' The sad, honest reponse in the case of Conductive Education is 'There isn't one' – not a commercial one, anyway. Commercial publishers can sense this. Acceptance of this reality is the basic assumption that lies behind Conductive Education Press:

Social Networking Platform

This was a great idea – and turned out a failure. The simple lesson is that the fault lies in the wetware. This is another matter that may (or may not) be returned to some time over 2011:

Last I heard, SAHK was hoping top keep this site going, as a carry over top the Congress to come, if there is one. I suppose that I had better put something up, so as not to be like everyone else!

The Invisible Man

It is a funny feeling, being invisible. People just look straight through you, then walk on by.

I kept on experiencing this with the PAI people. With the exception of Franz, always the gentleman and scholar, and Gabi, who I think of as a very old friend, I might as well not have been there in their visual fields.

I believe that I was not the only one to experience this. It is most unsettling. The PAI people keep themselves kept very much in a bunch and did not look happy bunnies. They looked like people with bigger problems.

Die-cast MTR model trains

I find that MTR offers a whole range of die cast models ifrom its excellent online souvenir shop:

More take-aways?




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