Sunday, 26 December 2010

World Congress – absent

Who was missing?
What did I miss?

Things are defined not just by what they are but by what they are not.

The International Pető Association provided no 'List of Participants' in the the Congress bag, a major omission for a Congress with academic/professional aspirations.

The following is therefore based solely upon my visual and social participant observations. I cannot cross-check these – nor can anybody else – the basis of my critical remark in the previous sentence.

Who was missing?

To a considerable degree, the parents of disabled children, disabled adults, and their families and carers. There were a few, which merely served to emphasise how few there were – but no disabled children were to be seen. If there are to be further such Congresses, this is something to be considered very seriously by whoever is responsible.

This is not, however, the sole point here. What was missing from this 'World Congress' was... er, the world.

World Congress: what world?

There were plenty of people from China, South East Asia and the Western Pacific. There were plenty of 'Europeans' (including here Americans, Aussies, Israelis etc.) but where were folk from the rest of the world?

OK, most of them cannot afford Conductive Education in the first place, and even if they could they would hardly afford to attend a World Congress. So, at a descriptive, empirical level, the composition of the World Congress fairly represented the world of Conductive Education as it is. So that's all right then? 

How depressingly non-conductive, vision-free an interpretation.


At the geo-political level, the immediately forseeable future may lie increasingly in the hands of Brazil, Russia, India and China, in all things.

China was certainly at the World Congress, in spades. I have no idea what Chinese participants (and those from South East Asia and the Western Pacific) learned there about developing their own services for disabled children and their fanilies. I suspect it was that there is a lot to learn from SAHK in Hong Kong, and that SAHK has the desire and the mechanisms to help.

I suspect also that they found little or none of this from the 'Europeans'.

China is the 'C' in BRIC .

As far as I could tell there was nobody at the Congress from Brazil, Russia or India.

What path will these mighty nations take towards Condutive Education? Or will they even bother?

And others?

Here is where a particpant list to trawl throgh would be really useful. Who was there, from where? What individuals to be identified and nourished?

I was lucky to meet wonderful people from Mexico (or rather they came and hunted me down), and to hear a wholly new and revolutionary models for how CE might be advanced in Latin America.

Who else did I miss?

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Blogger Lisa Gombinsky said...

It was also hard to identify what organizations were represented - name tags only gave name and country travelled from. It would have been helpful to have title / role and organization for follow up and general interest, or just to try to connect the dots of who's who.. I'm sure that organizations who funded people to attend would also have wanted their name splashed about

Sunday, 26 December 2010 at 19:31:00 GMT  

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