Thursday, 23 December 2010

Say not the struggle naught availeth

Faith restored!

In striking and instructive contrast to yesterday's posting on Conductive World, Rafel Strzałkowski writes out of the blue from Gainesville, Florida, via Facebook –

This is Rafal Strzałkowski.
Back in 2008 you had an entry under the heading 'Only in America?'
Well, today I'm still in America, with my immigration issues only resolved earlier this year. I'm not going to lie – it was a hellish experience. I'm also done with law school and preparing to retake a portion of the bar exam I've failed. I also work for the Jordan Klausner Foundation that offers, you guessed it... Conductive Education. Started by a local professor in memory of his son who had CP like I do, JKF is a tiny charity.
It's my impression that the awareness of what conductive education is and what it does is slim in America, which is why we have the hardest time getting the word out, recruiting donors and kids and it frustrates me. I give speeches, organize events and earlier this year a local magazine chose me as one of Gainesville's 18 most interesting people.
The Foundation is on on Facebook, Twitter and Causes. Our website is if you care for more info. We are running mostly on student volunteers, with our Pető-trained conductor Kata being about the only paid staff member. I decided it wouldn't be fair for me to take money from a struggling organization until it does better.
It's my dream for it to expand into legal services, hippotherapy, hydrotherapy a psychotherapy for families, to kids functional and to make easier on everyone.
Thanks :)

On the contrrary, thank you Rafel. It restores the faith... This is the furnace in which the future of Conductive Education will be forged.

Previous report in Conductive World

Sutton, A. (2008) Only in America? Probably not, Conductive World, 17 May

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Blogger Andrew DSutton said...

Taking heart...

Coincidentally, I have just seen two further heartening items on the CE Blogosphere...

The latest posting on James Forlitti's blog:

And in a very recent posting on Susie Mallet's (and in its comments):

Again, they are individual and human, the level at which CE has its strength

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