Sunday, 5 December 2010

Research 'workshop'

Delivered and published

This morning I posted a rough text of what I might say at this afternoon's 'workshop':

In the event I was able to follow most of this and left out only a few bits. I also noticed quite a few typos along the way, that I shall correct when I can get round to it. Sorry.

The capacity crowd that had reportedly booked for this session did not all turn up, and a small group got up all together and left about quarter of an hour after having arrived arrived about ten minutes late.

Norman Perrin made a trial run of on-the-spot Twitter-reporting as the session went along, and he has blogged it too. He says that there were some technoical problems to doing all that he would have liked, but it looks OK to me and I wish that I had the technical capacity to experience the same problems:

Thanks to the usual suspects who turned out for this. It was nice to see you together. A shame that none of the 'opposition' appeared.

Tomorrow's offerings

Theses will go on line sometime tomorrow.

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