Thursday, 30 December 2010

Principles, values, articles of faith?

You do not need to be religious

The year 2011 will see worldwide celebration of the 400th Anniversary of theKing James Bible. I do not know what it has done for theology, but it has given us some great language.

I am just closing down ('unsubscribing' – now there's a word that does nothing for the language) my subscription to the online edition of the weekly charities magazine Third Sector.

There was never anything of particular use to me in it since the rag is mainly concerned with easy- and cheap-to-report activities of the bigger charities, the Charity Commission and what central government thinks might be its own political benefit here. The only human interest tended to be the scrabbling (and occasionally the fall) of those who struggle up these entangled greasy poles, and the grunting and the shoving of greedy snouts around a half-empty trough. There was all too much too much about chief executives, finance managers, legal cases, 'leadership', PR, advertising, jobs, a Monopoly-style board game played all to often, it could seem, with other people's money and what had once been other people's dreams.

And not much in the way of shall we say, the theroretical.

Nothing much there either about 'charities' of a medium or small size (i.e. most charities in the country), their concerns,their triumphs and their people. Or what they actually do and want. So no Conductive Education.

Always worth as peep, however, to remind oneof some of the iniquity, cynicism and venality that I have seen exercised in the name of 'charity' over the years, and to have in the back of mind for all those times that I hear some high-minded statement prefixed by something like 'Charities are warning that...'

So, good bye to all that too. Another update that I shall live happily now without (if you wish to follow this for yourself you can do so at:
And what's that to do with the King James Bible?

Not a lot but, as I switched off Third Sector, the following words from the KJB came ineveitably to mind

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
I Corninthians 13:13
When I used to lecture conductor students these three were quite good pegs on which to hang consideration of Conductive Education – indeed consideration of transformative pedagogy and upbringing, even psychology, of any kind.



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