Saturday, 18 December 2010

Normal service

As soon as possible

Like several others, I came back from Hong Kong with a touch of flu (Asian, bird, swine or just the good old-fashioned kind, I do not know) so I have not been functioning of all cylinders for the last few days, being decidedly neurasthenic (one of those good old Soviet neuropsychlogical constructs the was and remains so scandalously ignored in the West). I think this morning, though, that I am finally shaking it off and can get back down to work properly again.

There is of course the dreadful disruption of Christmas to be got out of the way –  and by now I had hoped to be running up to the close-down of Conductive World in its present form on 31 December. No matter, I can hardly complain: the last I heard some of the Congress Germans (i.e. Bavarians + Hungarians + one Brit) are still not home yet but on a train somehwere in the snow-bound European transport system:

(Comforting that!)


Meanwhile something has gone wrong with my access to Facebook. Everything works on my page there, except the one thing that routinely matters to me, the box at the top that asks me what is on my mind. This means that I cannot follow my usual practice of notifying all new postings on Conductive World to Facebook-watchers.

Any tips, anyone?

I will be travelling to Nottingham on Monday, to see Ben Foulder who is back in England briefly from Mauritius for his summer holidays (yes, you did read that right), as long as the railways can get me there.

This is the sort of problem that he can sort in less tnan the time it takes me to explain it to him. I hope.

Christmas greetings – early

Over the last couple of days my email in-box has been marked by a number of Xmas greetings. Funny that, I thought, till I realised that they come from English CE places, closing down now till January.

Thank you for your thoughts.

But what an interesting, well-known and never-publicly discussed aspect of the CE phonomenon, that some of it runs on a 'term-time-only basis', and some of it does not.  Some people have found term-time-only a considerable benefit. Others have not.

Conductive World will continue appearing on its present daily basis till 31 December.

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Blogger Susie Mallett said...

We made it!

Thirty-eight hours after landing in Amsterdam the train arrived at 18.07 this evening in Nürnberg,just eight minutes late after a ten-hour journey! Our fellow travellers were rejoicing that we had been spared the hours of delays that other rail users experienced today in Germany. We rejoiced just to be home. Home without our luggage, but home.

The luggage could be in Nürnberg airport tomorrow morning, but then again it could be anywhere. Fingers crossed that it is not still in Hong Kong.

Most important is that five Germans, one Hungarian and one Brit are safe and sound and getting warmed up in our homes.

We had packed our winter clothes on top of our suitcases to clad ourselves with as we arrived at Nürnberg airport. When we landed in Amsterdam we were not really dressed for standing around for hours on platforms with temperatures well below zero. We found and bought gloves with "I love Amsterdam" on them and Russian style hats at the Bahnhof. We looked quite a sight!

What an adventure! I expect I will find time between work, buying a Christmas tree and searching for lost luggage to write a fuller report on my blog about the advantages of taking the slow-boat home from China. Despite a journey that seems to have taken a week and not only two-and-a-half days, we are all fit and well and not jet-lagged, we just are not quite sure what country we are in!

Thanks for thinking about us.

Susie and Co.

Saturday, 18 December 2010 at 21:25:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Facebook query. Maybe a solution if you've not found it all already. Beat me too at first.

At the top of the page are 4 words - Status, Photo, Link and Video

Click on Status and the box you are looking for will appear.

Hope that helps if you've not sorted it already.

Saturday, 18 December 2010 at 22:53:00 GMT  

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