Sunday, 5 December 2010

Nasty gossip about nasty gossip

Any clues, anyone?

I have been asked: Have you brought back any gossip from Hong Kong?

Just little bits but nothing so far very memorable. Except the following.

Have you heard the one about a party of Russian rehabilitation academics visiting a Western European university on an Erasmus project about a year or so ago? They were offered a presentation about Conductive Education – but said that they did not want to hear it.

Sure, they knew about Conductive Education but they wanted nothing at all to do with it, not since they had heard about the conductors in England who had been sexually molesting disabled children. It must be true, said the Russian ladies, it had been in the English newspapers.

What on Earth is that that all about? Has anyone out there any idea at all what might have been conflated to create this particular tale?

As a piece of gossip, a pletyka, a bit of Aussage, that's a real cracker! What a classic!

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