Sunday, 26 December 2010


An unexpected Christmas present

On 7 November, on hearing of the death of Masanao Murai, Conductive World published an item called 'Conductive Education and Japan'.

(For the benefit of Google etc., that's わらしべ会).

On 20 November, János Buronyi, General Editor of the students' newspaper at the Pető Institute in Budapest, emailed me to ask whether he might republish the item. I agreed, of course – quite an acolade to be asked.

Just a few hours ago, late in the evening of Christmas day (later still for him!), János emailed again – to thank me and provide a link for my article, now translated into Hungarian by Auer Mira:

Lead article for the issue – an even bigger acolade!

Here is the pull-quote that János used to flag the article –

Az emberek gyakran kérdezik tőlem, hogy lehet, hogy Hári Mária elfogadó volt, együttműködő, egy kivétellel talán velem a legjobban. Az egy kivétel Murai Masanao volt. Őt is nagyon kedvelte...

This newsletter is a substantial production, twenty pages in all. I am sure that many readers of Conductive World will find plenty of interest there.

Full bibliographic reference

Sutton, A. (2010) Jápan és a konduktiv nevelés: Murai Masanao emlékére, MPENNA: MPANNI Hallgatói Lap, vol. 2, no 4, November, pp. 4-5

Truth to tell, I am not altogether certain of this, especially with reference to the issue number '4': guidance/correction would be appreciated.

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