Friday, 24 December 2010

Back on Facebook

Thank you, Norman, thank you Marika
(I sound like Rabbi Lionel Blue)

When earlier this month Facebook changed its format I could not work out how to make new postings and could therefore no longer routinely notify new postings from Conductive World there

Norman Perrin pointed a way –

At the top of the page are 4 words - Status, Photo, Link and Video
Click on Status and the box you are looking for will appear.

It works, and I am now catching up on my backlist, with an immediate surge in visits – and a nice status comment from Marika Kalanges in San Diego to say that she had been wondering what had happened to me, and that it was good to know that I am well. Thank you Marika.

Lesson to other CE-bloggers: it pays to use Facebook.

Conductive World on Facebook



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