Wednesday, 8 December 2010

7th World Congress: final frollicks

A festive occasion

The concluding plenary session of the Seventh World Congrss began with ldikó Koszma's recalling the first such Congress, back in 1991. She recalled how the discussion all those years ago was about openness and one could feel the tension – now things are at another level.

She then announced that Germany had won the nomination to host the Eighth World Congress, to be held in Munich in October 2013. There was no gold envelope, but vocal acclamation and flag-waving from the Germans in the hall – continued when they trooped on stage for SAHK to pass them a red banner. Ivan Su was presented with a Bavarian beer tankard and, to more whoops, it was reminded that October in Munich is the time of the annual Bierfest.

No doubt there will be plenty of photos of all this on Flickr, Facebook etc.

The next Congrsss will be backed by a consortium of local and national CE and disability organisations. A short promotional-marketing video was shown, announcing that the theme of the 8th Congress would be 'Conductive Education builds bridges'.


And so farewell to the 7th World Congress, apart from some mopping up activivites and discussions for those who have stayed behind for a few days.

Conductive World apologises to readers who would have preferred to see less of it here. Over the immediate future there will be a few vignettes and reflections – and then it will be gone. I promise.

For the moment, it seems worth remarking that the time of the Oktoberfest is an interesting choice, since that is presumably when Munich experiences maximum pressure on accommodation and costs for visitors.

It's a funny old world.

Conductive World will continue publication on its present basis till the end of this month.

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