Friday, 10 October 2008

‘Lady Dee’ visits Pető Institute

Archive video on YouTube

Jerzy Maslanka has put up an old TV news report from Hiradó, on a visit by Princess Diana to the Pető Institute

I don’t know the date and I don’t recognise anyone in the shots (apart from the one identified in the Hungarian commentary as ‘Lady Dee’ ). It was certainly another era, however, when the Great and the Good jostled to get up close to Conductive Education.

I understand that there is more to come. Thanks Jerzy, you do us all a service.

Television report
NB. The buffering was not very effective for me but I got round this with a little patience and a fiddle with the slide button under the picture. If you have a problem, just let the button jerk its way to the end (only 1min, 16secs) then either slide it back to the start or press Replay and the film will then run through smoothly



Blogger Jurek said...

In May 1990 she and Prince Charles travelled to Hungary and made history by becoming the first members of the Royal Family to visit a former Warsaw Pact country. As well as sharing the celebrations at the end of Communism, the Princess visited the Peto Institute where on behalf of the Queen she invested the director Dr Maria Hari with an honorary OBE.

Shortly after the Princess's marriage, it had been announced that she would have to limit strictly the organisations to which she gave her name as patron or president. At first they were confined to organisations in Wales, such as Welsh National Opera (from 1982), or ones to do with children.

Friday, 10 October 2008 at 16:19:00 BST  

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