Friday, 3 October 2008


Critical attention to ‘multidisciplinary’

I have just seen announcement of a public event, held locally but advertised nationally (internationally actually, since I saw it on the Internet).

Just Empty Words? Or Real Support - in pre-school and early years provision for children with disabilities / special needs

The discussions will be wide-ranging and will include -

§ When 'complex' comes in through the door, does 'child-centred' go out through the window?
§ Does every practitioner have to cater for the whole family?
§ Whose needs do we have to address first in a new family?
§ Are there any limits to how flexible a service has to be?

The Seminar will cater for multi-disciplinary practitioners and managers in statutory, voluntary and private services in UK and Ireland. There are some free places for parents.

I personally have never really understood the concept of ‘multidisciplinary’ as manifest in public services in the United Kingdom. The phrase ‘jack of all trades...’ springs to mind. More formally, I wonder, either there is a place and need for a ‘discipline’ or there is not. It is interesting therefore to see critical comment arise from within the paradigm itself.

If this is an emerging trend, then it is one meriting careful monitoring by the conductive movement.

For starters the issues and concerns listed in the programme and publicity material for this event are well worth examining by conductivists everywhere, especially but not exclusively, those concerned with small children and their families.

Full programme and further information

Interconnections Multidisciplinary Information Service



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