Monday, 6 October 2008

CE on YouTube

Important new communication medium for CE

Conductive Education videos on YouTube vary vastly in quality, some being little more than home movies or simple slide-shows, others high-quality professional creations. Here, in no particular order of preference, is a quick selection.

Featured are some of the more ambitious productions, for those thinking of making or commissioning their own productions (though, like Conductive Education itself, nothing shown here should be regarded as prescriptive).

Together this selection offers as good an introduction to the challenge of Conductive Education, to 'new parents', disabled adults, students and anyone else with serious grounds to start thinking hard about Conductive Education, as might a whole clutch of tired websites and academic articles.


Good videos are powerful marketing tools, for publication on websites/blogs, for free distribution as DVDs and for something to back up public presentations. They need to address wide audiences, including potential users of this system, media folk, politicians – and critical professionals. Successful videos have to combine the passion that drives conductive practice and the conductive movement alike, with an understanding of what the system is really about.

And in these fast-moving and marketing-dependent times, they must be up to date.

Watching these videos emphasis yet again what has been apparent ever since the earliest days of the first CE parents’ movement, Rapid Action for Conductive Education (RACE), in the mid-1980s. The best advocates, the best articulators of Conductive Education are those most directly involved: parents and disabled people themselves, children and adults.
Nice too, though, to hear the conductors’ voices.

I don’t necessarily agree with or endorse everything said about Conductive Education in these videos at a technical level (though I love some of the freshness and originality of insight to be found here), but their chief force is visceral not intellectual, and the voices and above all the images say it all.

My selection

Conductive Education - The Movement Centre of Manitoba

What Is Conductive Education?

Cerebral Palsy Ability Center

Tsad Kadima -The best place for a child with C.P. to grow up

I am sure that there are others that I have not spotted. As ever I should be grateful for suggestions and comments. Particularly, there is only one item on adult work (the multiple sclerosis Conductive Education Project). More, please.



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