Saturday, 27 September 2008

New contact information for French national association

Blogs are quicker!

New contact information for l’Association Française pour l’Education Conductive:

President and treasurer: Jacqueline Leroy
Assistant treasurer: Françoise Courchant
Assistant secretary: François Amélineau
Telephone: 02 43 98 75 41

Information posted yesterday on the parental blog, Ulysse et l'éducation conductive, which I picked up through Norman Perrin’s invaluable Conductive Web. You won’t find this information yet on the Association’s website, reflecting the experience across the world of Conductive Education, and the much bigger and more experienced world outside, that news and information travel much faster by blog than through the already ‘old’ method of static, hard-to-change websites.

By the way, even if you don’t read French, the plentiful videos on this site, documenting Ulysse’s progress, are worth seeing!


Conductive Web

New contact information for French Association



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