Thursday, 28 August 2008

Well, can you believe it...?

New centre and more new conductor-training

The following news item for the Isle of Wight County Press is published here in its entirety.

Complementary medicine coup for Island

David Newbie

An Island-based complementary medicine centre is joining forces with the world famous Peto Institute in Hungary to set up a conductive education centre on the Isle of Wight.

The Shen clinic, which is based at Westridge near Ryde and in Holyrood Street, Newport, will also be developing a degree-level training programme on the Isle of Wight in conjunction with the Budapest Institute, which is based on their revolutionary methods of treating debilitating conditions affecting the nervous system.

Peto specialises in the rehabilitation of conditions relating to damage to the central nervous system such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, strokes and multiple sclerosis.

The Shen Clinic — which is well known throughout Europe — is associated with new evolving systems of acupuncture not seen anywhere else in the world, which are being applied with encouraging results in rehabilitation for damage to the central nervous system.

Shen Clinic director Dr Mike Lambert said: “This offer of a collaboration with the Peto Institute is a remarkable opportunity for both the Isle of Wight and the Shen Clinic.“It will allow us to work daily alongside some of the most talented practitioners in Hungary in dealing with debilitating conditions that exist among us right here on the Island, where it is likely we can make a contribution in real terms.

“It is our aim to set standards for traditional medicine of the 21st century through integrating the principles of health and education both of a bygone era and those of the evolving knowledge and technology of our times.“We now live in a world of such phenomena as quantum physics, particle and entanglement processes, which makes the workings of modalities such as acupuncture and homeopathy much more understandable.”

Well, do you believe it?

The prosperous South Coast has a long tradition of involvement with Conductive Education. Conductive Education Support Services and the Rainbow Centre can both trace their origins back to the early days of the conductive movement outside Hungary while the new charity Whoopsadaisey is still in the process of raising the money to get its services started. All three will be interested to learn of these ambitious new plans in their locality, particularly Rainbow which is continuing its fundraising activities to establish its own undergraduate-level conductor-training.


Newbie D. (2008) Complementary medicine coup for Island, Isle of Wight County Press, 28 August 2008



Blogger NormanP said...

From the Shen Clinic website:

Dr. Gabriell Hegyi MD PhD (International Technical Adviser to The Shen Clinic)

Dr. Hegyi is Director of the Yamamoto Rehabilitation Institute at the Department for Complimentary Medicine, Semmelweis University of Medical Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. She is also an adviser to the Hungarian government, and a world authority on energetic medicine.
Dr. Hegyi is a close associate of The Shen Clinic and offers her assistance in technical and research matters.


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