Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Expansion in Western Australia

Limitation now is employing sufficient conductors

This Friday, 22 August, Carlson Street School in Perth, Western Australia, will open its new Conductive Education Centre.

This is announced in the latest issue in the school’s newsletter, which also reports on operations in the school’s Conductive Education program.

Evidence-based grant

Last year the school received an official grant of A$ 200,000 over three years to promote and develop Conductive Education in the early years, a program described as ‘applying the principles of Conductive Education’. It will be interesting to see sometime what these are and how they are applied. Such a grant apparently is not usual in Western Australia, having been made following publication of the ‘strong evidence-based recommendations’ of a study by Heather Jenkins of the Curtin University of technology that recommended that ‘the program of Conductive Education is continued for children with motor disabilities’.

Many people around the world would be very interested to know how to collect the sort of ‘evidence base’ strong enough lead to a A$ 200,000 grant so that they might arrange for their own. The report is unpublished: for further information, contact the author direct at

The school is now preparing a submission for this grant to be extended and expanded after 2009 to cover expected waiting lists.

Shortage of conductors

The school has built up a significant waiting list for its Conductive Education programs. A major issue now is not having enough conductors, especially within the school itself. Apparently Australia’s immigration laws require special permission to advertise for workers from overseas and this has to be applied for now to be effective for September 2009.


Carlson Street School


Heather Jenkins (2008) Evaluation of an early intervention strategy based on the principles of Conductive Education to assist students with mobility disorders (unpublished report), Curtin University if Technology

Previous item on progress and plans at Carlson Street Sutton,
A. Sutton (2008) Major expansion in Western Australia: a giant awakes, Conductive Education World, 30 May



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