Friday, 15 August 2008

'Conductive Education stands on three legs'

Summary of keynote address for Chicago conference

The so-called 'principles of Conductive Education’, so often met in the English language accounts of this system, represent a fundamental misstatement of Conductive Education. They have nonetheless spawned a world of their own within in the professional 'literature' of Conductive Education, with even conductors trained in the actual tradition sometimes adopting them to describe their practice. The 'principles' underlying Conductive Education are broader and more fundamental and are most importantly manifest in terms of what Mária Hári described as the 'in-between time'. Indeed it is hard to see how 'Conductive Education' in any real sense can exist without this.

One way to understand what is ‘Conductive Education’ today is through its historical development. For the present purposes this will be simplified as follows:

- what András Petõ brought to Conductive Education
- what Mária Hári brought to Conductive Education
- the internationalisation of Conductive Education – and beyond!

All three bring essential ingredients to the current mix. All three are needed to account for Conductive Education today – but might there be further major change in the offing?

The first period of naïve and ad hoc internationalisation may now be seen as no more than transitional to what may be yet to come. Globalisation of social, cultural and economic forces affects almost every aspect of our lives. Conductive Education will be no exception, with big implications looming for the question 'What is Conductive Education?' and potential changes of corresponding magnitude in the future directions of practice, theory, research and politics in this field.


Issues raised in this presentation have been widely addressed in lectures and publications over the years, sufficient years for the writer's understanding itself to have developed considerably over that time. For recent and continuing attention to such topics follow Conductive Education World.



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