Saturday, 26 July 2008

Google Knol: Google's answer to Wikipedia

Is there a potential advantage for Conductive Education?

Just launched by Google on Wednesday is something that just could turn out to be big in the world of information and open publishing, very big, with the invented word 'knol' becoming as common as the word 'blog' is today.

'Knol', by the way, is short for 'knowledge', and presumably therefore pronounced 'noll'.

A knol is an authoritative article about a specific topic, making it easy for you to write and share your knowledge with the world.

Knols will provides free publishing on the Internet for anyone who wishes it. All you need is something to say. There's plenty to be said within and about Conductive Education and plenty of people out there who ought to hear it. If you 'knol' (is there a verb 'to knol' in English yet?) you might even make money from it.

The system is potentially interactive with its audience... all it needs to get started is willingness to put your name to what you write.

This does at first sight seem to add considerably to the ways in which the cash-strapped Conductive Education movement might effectively spread its messages on the Internet.

Have a look, test it out, at



Blogger LeticiaB├║rigoTK-1288 said...

Start it! Put conductive education there! :)

Sunday, 27 July 2008 at 12:55:00 BST  

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