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Thursday, 15 February 2018


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Thursday, 1 February 2018


Conductive World blog resumes publication

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Conductive World, the blog

Eagle-eyed readers of Conductive World (est. 2008) may have noticed that it ceased publication on 7 December last year. Today it is back.

This was not a voluntary closure but came from inability to renew the annual $10.00 fee on line, following a change in banking details. I have discovered that I am not the only one to find Google's online help pages for dealing with such a problem to be wholly impenetrable. Professional help that I consulted ran into the same buffer. More on this for blogging buffs anon.

At times over the eight weeks of line it looked like this blog might not reappear at all, with all its previous content lost to Internet searches. The volume of professional and personal concern expressed to me about what was happening has helped shape my consideration of its continuing development and direction into 2018. Again, more anon.

Conductive World on Facebook

During the blog's absence a skeleton service has been run through expanded posts on Conductive World's Facebook page:

Some of these Facebook pages may now be re-presented as blog postings, to increase their exposure to search-engines and archive sites.


Monday, 18 December 2017


Do Xmas lights say different?

Son 'flourished' thanks to Conductive Education
In 2013 the Research Foundation of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance of New South Wales published a widely announced research review of the relative effectiveness of interventions for cerebral palsy – what clinicians should recommend for their patients on the basis of academic research, and what not.

On a simple traffic-light system, its advice on Conductive Education was straightforward:

'Ineffective. Don't do it'

Read this academic study in full:

This week, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance has published an rather nice account of three-years-old Alex's progress, in Conductive Education:

What has have happened over the last four years for Cerebral Palsy Alliance to adopt this enthusiastic and very public stance?

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017


New organisation
New book

Book launch

Established Malaysian CE centre Step and Smile is being incorporated into community social enterprise Mindspace:

Book launch

Press release from Hungarian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia –

Book Launch - Emily Walks with Canes

Hungarian conductor and author Alexandra Major-Bacskai launched her book Emily Walks with Canes at Mind Space. This book is an important eye-opener for children and adult readers alike, with a very important message: all of us are important and valuable, regardless of the differences we may have in our appearance or certain abilities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, through the Embassy of Hungary in Kuala Lumpur proudly supports the publication of this book. We hope our children will grow up with the book’s important lesson in mind, always supporting their friends and those in need.

Read more (in Hungarian):

I have no information on how to obtain copies of Alexandra's book. I suggest that you contact direct her via Facebook.

Make a splash through your local Embassy

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently seems rather comfortable with Conductive Education.

Hungarian conductors living and working in foreign countries might think seriously about how they could involving their own local Hungarian Embassy to take an interest in things that they are doing of wider local social or cultural significance. 

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Monday, 11 December 2017


Study by Adrienn Orevecz
Article In English

Adrienn at recent Pető Day, 
frequent speaker

Summary and future examination on the topic The aim of this study was to collect more information about Conductive Education practised abroad. The conductors were in the focus especially their working conditions and the other professionals they are working with. The results were very positive. It seems as an employee they are satisfied with their working environment. It is even more essential in such helping job to be happy because they can use their maximum potential and can be more productive. The more varied resources (personal and technical) they can use for development the better the results will be. Assistive devices can increase their personal efficiency very much. Not only they can use the most up-to date developmental equipment, but also have a better insight and closer relationship with other health professionals. Future research will address young adults with CP. who received Conductive Education for a longer period. The purpose will be to find out how and in which stages of life Conductive Education could help them.

...Last but not least I would like to express my gratitude to three wonderful ladies: Rony Schenker, Tünde Rozsahegyi and Beate Hoess-Zenker. Finally, of course all the participants who took part in the survey.

(p. 249)


Oravecz, A. (2017) International extension of Conductive Education, Tavaszi Szél / Spring Wind III, Budapest, Doktoranduszok Országos Szövetsége, pp. 240-250

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Sunday, 10 December 2017


How about Azerbaijan?

Signing ceremony
This last week Azerbaijan and Hungary have signed formal agreements in the fields of education and passenger and freight traffic.

The PAK (András Pető Faculty of Semmelweis University) already has deals with Russia and Kazakhstan.

Hungary is keen to look to Russia's Eurasian bloc, the 'other EU', as a counterweight to the European Union.
attentionin the West. I picked up this report only from an English-language Azerbaijanian newspaper. Read it here:

Just speculation of course...

A couple of other items, background, around this:

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Bad karma, man

There are long periods in which Hungary is of little general interest to Western media. Not so now. Suddenly there seems a rush of bad-news stories.


This last week's have included:

  • Is it because there is presently a lot happening over there in Central Europe?
  • Or are things much the same there as ever but suddenly 'sexy' to the Western media?
  • Is Hungary perhaps of greater interest now because its row with the EU is beginning to boil over
  • Have the liberal media just had enough of Hungarian the right-wing attacks?
  • Or is this the product of yet another Machiavellian plot by the Great Viktator?
  • Any, all or none of these?
Does this matter a jot to the world of CE?

Not a lot, this day or the next, in this or that paticular location around the world. People have their own personal and professional lives to deal with, the equally strange politics of their own countries, their own joys and hopes, their own woes and disappointments. Nobody needs be concerned with the affairs in a far away country, concerning people of whom we know nothing.

Certainly, no one wants to be publicly associated with running bad-news stories.

So why bother about that one little corner of Ruritania, that 21st-century Slaka?

Conductive World has always contended that the events in Hungary have a potentially disproportionate effect across the whole world or Conductive Education, and that those whose lives and institutions make up this world might like the opportunity to know something of what is going on there. Not that they can do much or anything about it, but at least they can wonder about what UK accountants call 'sensitivities', things that might go wrong in even the best-laid plans.

A toxic mix

There is no single theme to such stories. The following do tend to pop up:
  • the militantly illiberal Fidesz government
  • right-wing revanchism in general
  • post-Trianon revanchism in particular
  • anti-Semitism
  • Hungary's upcoming General Election
  • higher education
  • employment and economics
  • emigration (emigration and immigration).
Such factors can be seen increasingly in stories coming out of Hungary over the last few years. They do seem particularly well represented in the Western media at the moment.

Any of them can have bearing upon the continuing development of Conductive Education, and not just in Hungary. Look out for them. What a toxic mix.

At its very least, bad karma, man.

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